Worship: Mission and Evangelism

Faith centered organisations across many different religions and denominations, and based all over the world, use CatDV to help spread their message: recording services for online streaming, organisation and distribution of content for online ministries, or repurposing content for fundraising overseas missions.


Particularly today, churches and other mission based organisations are creating more and more video content. CatDV enables content ingest, curation, tagging and reuse of large volumes of inbound media. CatDV customers can share content from events, for education, and gain the usual CatDV post production, archival and collaboration benefits.

Gateway Church rely heavily on CatDV in their busy production operation. They’re not only responsible for all live productions, but once recorded, content is repackaged for a number of uses — whether it’s creating a lesson or other material for an upcoming class, editing a sermon for on-demand streaming, or promoting one of the conferences or Gateway Groups.


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