Underperforming MAM Replacement

CatDV’s an easy media platform to get in to … and to get out of. The same cannot be said for many of CatDV’s competitors. We, and our close partners, offer a range of data liberation services to unlock the value in underperforming MAM, PAM and DAM deployments. Whether you are looking for data migrations, workflow translations, proxy reuse, Avid AAF & bin decoding, FCPS or other system migrations, we’ve probably done it before. If not, we have the skills and experience, to quickly migrate to CatDV.

CatDV has helped many organisations replace their underperforming MAMs – from under powered MAMs with limited functionality and scale, to over complicated MAMs that are too complex to make simple adjustments to without factory help.


CatDV can help liberate your data from these existing MAMs and find work with you to find the right solution – with a range of versions, deployment options and payment plans, CatDV can fit any requirement.

CatDV is the engine that powers Clippn, a global leader in video curation and stock footage monetization.


“When we started Clippn, we looked at all the MAMs and decided to go with CatDV, for all the right reasons. But as we started to scale, we were offered an opportunity by another major MAM company based in Belgium to build our platform 100% in the cloud ‘by Christmas’. Well, two Christmases came and went, and a couple Fourths of July, and this over-engineered platform never worked as designed. This wrong turn nearly put us out of business.” comment Mick Reed, founder and CEO.


Reed continues, “Clippn’s model is to solve complex problems simply, and that is what CatDV helps us do. I went back to Square Box Systems like a prodigal son and was welcomed with open arms. We were servicing contributors within three months on a platform that we easily controlled, was robust and flexible, and scales to meet our needs. There was one enterprise client that we got up and running, from scratch, in ten days. The difference was magical – it was a major turning point for us to achieve our vision.”


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