NGO and NFP: Fundraising & Outreach

Non profits and non-governmental organisations are increasingly using media to engage with their stakeholders. Whether as part of their core mission or for fund raising, CatDV’s cost effective and flexible tools, enabling remote working and collaboration, make it a great choice for this sector.


From the protection of human rights, to environmental issues, and humanitarian aid, many non profit organisations choose CatDV to help organize and repurpose their media. Organisations such as Videre, expose human rights abuse and use CatDV to authenticate, process and organise images and videos being sent in to be used as evidence. Charities like Save the Children, Unicef, Red Cross, the WHO, UNHCR, and WWF use CatDV to help catalogue and repurpose media for education and fundraising.

There may be no better example of maximising the power of technology to hold governments accountable than Videre. In its ground-breaking work, Videre uses media (managed by CatDV) to expose human rights abuses the world over.


“Not only does CatDV create an archive of the footage, it also supports
metadata, verification assessments, and other critical information meaning the content can be effectively used against human rights violators in court.” Videre


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