News Operations: Orchestration & Reuse

CatDV is a market leader in asset management in large scale news organisations. CatDV helps thousands of journalists across hundreds of locations serve their communities with high quality, cost effective news broadcasting. Historic news content is a nation’s heritage: CatDV is the custodian for priceless content from the dawn of broadcast news.

ITV News selected the Cat DV product via competitive tender because of its cost effective deployment and the ability to be integrated to existing key systems enabling the current investment to be maximised and continuing to be used in conjunction with the new modern managed archive.

One of the key aims of the project was to enable a self-service style operation where journalists across the country would be able to see an overarching database and easily search and retrieve assets to their workplace whether that be studio based in a bureau or on the road.

In addition to this the ability of the system to match assets to clips imported from the legacy database meant that a workflow could be enabled to bring in all the assets and match them to clips in the system.

The Spectra Logic BlackPearl integration was key because it meant existing manual workflows could be used in the new system and also through the tight integration via the plug-in meant that CatDV is managing very closely the Black Pearl environment without conflict which is extensively used across ITV.

CatDV is installed at 15 news stations. Each station has a stand alone CatDV server solution, connected to Avid iNews, which publishes its metadata to CatDV.

News items that can be reused across the group are published from local systems, and promoted to a large, globally available MasterCat system.

CatDV highlights promoted items in MasterCat, and supports hi-res file movements (using CatDV Worker) between the stations.

A custom UI has been developed to appeal to the digital news team, so they too can reuse broadcast content.

CatDV keeps metrics to show the performance of the stations: in terms of sharing content, and reuse.