Government: Programming and Communications

Federal, State and Local government agencies have responsibilities to communicate with their stakeholders and local populations. CatDV provides a simple, yet powerful front end to manage content cost effectively, to unlock self service and collaboration across teams. With more than 150 agencies, military, and science establishments CatDV is a leader in this sector.

From national, state and city offices, to science foundations covering at energy generation, space exploration, or environmental change, up to internal level organisations such as the UN and WTO, CatDV helps many local, national and international level governance groups all across the world manage and repurpose their media.

CatDV helps JPL manage over 50 years of historic space exploration content.“We saw that JPL needed a very tailored solution,” stated Dave Clack, CEO, Square Box Systems. “They needed it. We built it. We worked closely with JPL to customize CatDV specifically to their production workflow. We created a new CatDV component that enables labelling of a wide range of physical media, making it even easier to find media across on-line and off-line storage.” Find out more.