Footage Monetization

CatDV sits behind several stock footage monetization organisations, whether as a store front for B2B content sales, or managing the content preparation workflow. CatDV’s tools including its AI integrations for auto tagging and speech to text, make it an obvious choice.

CatDV is the engine that powers Clippn, a global leader in video curation and stock footage monetization.


Global content brands count on Clippn to make their dormant, unstructured, and untagged video archives accessible and transparent as a way to boost usage and create new streams of revenue. In addition to this fee-based “enterprise” model, Clippn also works with videographers and production companies in a no-risk “consignment” model to clip, tag, and distribute their raw content as ready-for-sale clips via the stock footage market, sharing the revenue only when clips sell.


“We do all the heavy lifting, so the videographer doesn’t need to. Every distributor has their own unique requirements, and video must be tagged appropriately for each one – this is the most important factor in determining sales. The videographers only need to upload their content once to Clippn and we do the rest. This allows them to do more of what they love, or as we say, ‘Shoot what you love, we do all the rest.’”


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