Custom Media Applications: The best of Buy vs Build

Many CatDV customers don’t know they are using CatDV, they just have great systems that help them get their jobs done. Whether organising a book launch ( scheduling a crew and studio time, managing review and approve across several versions of an asset), or sharing news content between traditional and on-line teams, CatDV’s User Experience Toolkit makes it very cost effective to build custom applications.

A major US publishing company asked CatDV to help create a custom online portal to help manage their book launches. This had to include:

  • Planning
  • Scheduling studio time
  • Informal chat and formal approval
  • A multi-level approvals process, with 3 groups of stakeholders: creative, commercial and authors
  • Sophisticated security rules and roles
  • Sharing of finished media securely
  • Versioning
  • Corporate Branding

The CatDV developers used the UX toolkit to create a custom web interface that could support all of the above workflows and requirements. Data migration and integration with other systems was carried out by North Shore Automation. Overall the project was on time and to budget.

CatDV is the engine that powers Clippn, a global leader in video curation and stock footage monetization.


As Clippn built their platform for optimal efficiency and scalability, they leveraged the flexibility of CatDV’s capabilities, including customizations, open APIS and an intuitive Web Client interface, and built a system that is truly their own, whilst remaining highly cost effective.


In the Enterprise model, Clippn customizes the workflows based on each client’s unique needs. To manage such complex projects requires what Clippn describes as “metadata intelligence”. This involves understanding that each media collection is unique and requires a customized approach to the content and tech.


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