For CatDV manuals, tutorials and FAQs please visit out docs website:

CatDV Documentation

If you are experiencing difficulties installing or using CatDV please check the system requirements, manuals and FAQs first in case this is a known issue. Please also check the download page to make sure you are using the latest available version of CatDV, as all our products are regularly updated with both bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Taking out or renewing your maintenance contract for CatDV keeps you up to date with all the latest software, as well as giving you priority technical support.

A CatDV Maintenance Support Contract gives you peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, you get support the same day to get you back up and running. We have dedicated technical support teams, who are on hand to help with any technical issues that may arise, and who are backed up by our CatDV developers when needed.

CatDV is the industry pioneer, and continues to innovate at a fast pace. A CatDV maintenance contract keeps you up to date with the all latest improvements to the CatDV products. CatDV Maintenance also brings flexibility: when it comes time to grow your CatDV system, you can trade in your existing system with no extra charges.

The CatDV Maintenance Support Agreement is detailed here:

Find out about Maintenance Contracts

If you are still experiencing issues and you have an active support contract, please contact [email protected] with a detailed detailed description of the error, which version of CatDV you are using, if anything had changed when you first experienced the error, and what OS X you are running on. If you are able it would also speed up the resolution if you are able to provide log files together with any related files such as batch lists or project files that we need to reproduce your problem. You can find out how to generate these here

A foundation for your bespoke requirement

CatDV’s APIs make it a perfect media platform for custom and bespoke implementations. Our team and close partners at North Shore Automation have a wealth of experience using CatDV to deliver the very best of “buy vs build”. This means CatDV can go way beyond MAM, PAM or DAM. Recent projects include project management, broadcast workflows, media distribution, QC, collaboration, ad repurposing, and clip sales. Speak to our team to find out more.

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