CatDV Deal Registration

Welcome CatDV Partners

As you’ve heard, SquareBox and CatDV have a new home with Quantum. We’re excited to bring CatDV technology to Quantum products like the StorNext collaborative, shared file system platform and beyond, and we’re especially excited to invest in and grow the CatDV solution to meet your customers’ evolving needs, and above all, help grow your business. 

CatDV – An OPEN Solution 

We are committed to keeping CatDV an open platform for you – you can continue to pair CatDV with solutions you use today, and as we develop new solutions to help you open more business, we know you’ll find lots to like about the full technology platform that CatDV combined with Quantum and StorNext offers. 

Deal Registration

Please continue to work with your CatDV contacts as before – however starting April 6th deal registration for CatDV deals will be through Quantum’s partner program, Quantum Alliance, in place of the CatDV website. 


Quantum Partner Portal

If you haven’t used the Quantum partner portal before you can visit to create a new account, and if you have any problems at all the team at [email protected] will be more than happy to help you through. 

Once you are signed up Quantum Deal Registration (QDR) is easy: 

  • To register any CatDV opportunities, access the Quantum registration portal is located at: 
  • Within the deal registration form, select CatDV under the primary product section
  • Your registered opportunitwill then be routed to the appropriate team for approval and deal engagement

If you have any questions, or would like any help at all please reach out to your CatDV reps as normal, or to the Quantum channel team at [email protected].